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Wilmington, DE, is a family-friendly location and a popular tourist attraction, but it has a lot of challenges to locals. Since it’s surrounded by water, basement waterproofing in Wilmington poses many challenges to property owners. Many houses are waterfront properties, and it's challenging to keep the foundations intact, with no mold or mildew. One thing people in Wilmington learned early is that vigilance is fundamental, and they need to inspect the property on a regular basis.

If you live in Wilmington and suspect water damage to your house, hiring the professionals at Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing is the wisest decision for your home.  The foundation is the backbone of your home, and if affected, it can generate structural damage that affects the whole house. Should you notice cracks in the floors, walls, or gaps between the walls and ceilings, and other foundation problems, contact our team; waterproofing the foundation/basement could be the only solution for you.

With hands-on training and long-time experience, our technicians will come and inspect your basement's condition and proceed with waterproofing. We take on both commercial and residential customers. We manage exterior and interior waterproofing because we want to eliminate mold and humidity problems in your basement and home for the longest time.

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    Foundation waterproofing in Wilmington

    Our technicians are experienced and successfully manage wet basements, mold growth, and cracked foundations. After assessing the situation, we will give you a quote for the job; our services are high-quality, and our prices are attractive. Call us and let one of our team members provide you with further information about our procedures, results, and questions for the job.

    Crawl space waterproofing in Wilmington

    When we develop the strategy for crawl space insulation, we consider many elements, but moisture and cold make the most important. A crawl space is challenging from many points of view, and we have the skills and knowledge to deal with them all. We will decide which crawl space waterproofing methods will work at your place. We use the best tools, supplies, and equipment to achieve the promised results every time.

    Waterproofing services at highest standards from Wilmington Basement Waterproofing

    How did the basement and crawl space look when you last checked them? Have you noticed any water seepage? Did cracks in the foundation draw your attention? Have you sensed mold odor and high humidity? If your answer is “no” to all, we couldn’t be happier for you. But if your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you should give us a call to solve your moisture in the basement/foundation. You never want to wait to solve dampness in your home because you can risk spending thousands for home repairs. When not managed, moisture can generate structural damage.

    Our team at Basement Waterproofing Wilmington is ready to help you with foundational work, waterproofing the crawl space or basement. Our technicians are experienced and capable of identifying all details with waterproofing your basement. After the initial inspection, they will know which methods and supplies will work best with your basement or crawl space. We’re not just experienced and skilled, but we also know how to use the newest products and technologies to waterproof your basement or crawl space. One of the many things we never skip on, is to always impress you with our workmanship and long-lasting results.

    How can you tell if you need waterproofing services for your foundation, basement or crawl space?

    Our experts at Wilmington Basement Waterproofing inspect your basement to the most minute details before selecting the methods, procedures, and equipment to use for waterproofing.

    High leaks

    Improper grading is one common cause of water seeping and leaking highly on the walls. Dislodged corner downspouts, concrete pitched toward your property, and window wells can also generate high leaks.

    Staining and leaking

    If you notice water stains or leaks in the corner of your basement, the downspouts could function poorly, or the gutters could be clogged. While you're mowing the lawn or doing some yard work, you could see disconnected downspouts. Keep in mind that the saturated soils can affect the exterior coating of the basement walls if you’re not caring for the yard as you should. Since concrete blocks are porous, they will absorb moisture which stains the interior walls of the basements.

    Regardless of what you may think, it’s the cause of the staining that should concern you. After all, you can always solve the staining with some quick painting. Some deeper problems could stop the water from reaching the outside drain tile, leading to the staining. Our technicians at Basement Waterproofing Wilmington are experienced and will find even the subtlest cause of the staining.

    Low leaks

    If the grading is wrong and the gutters don't work as they should, water won't reach the drain tile. You can always check out for yourself and examine the inspection holes. However, it would help if you allowed the professionals at Wilmington Basement Waterproofing to the inspection; they will find the case of seepage. And once they do, they will also create a plan for the waterproofing services.

    What happens during the Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington team’s initial inspection?

    Since our professionals at Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing have been in this field for many years, they have completed jobs of all sizes and types. Our technicians managed both basic and complex assignments for commercial and residential customers alike. Based on our long-time experience and high skills, we have developed the most efficient protocols. Nevertheless, we are flexible and ready to make all the necessary adjustments to these protocols; we consider each basement's specifications and your requests and budget when adjusting our protocols.

    Things we do on our initial inspection of your foundation or crawl space

    During our initial examination, our professionals will carry on several assessments:

    • Come and inspect the basement/crawl space to the most minute details
    • Check out for seepage. When it rains a lot, seepage at the cove is a common sign that your basement requires professional waterproofing. Water can also seep through the cracks on the walls or even through the cracks on the floor.
    • Mildew and mold are the most common signs of high moisture levels in a space, whether it’s the basement or any other kind of space. Mold and mildew will grow on floors, walls, and even objects you stored in the basement. You may also sense a musty odor.
    • Discolored and peeled paint on the walls is another widely spread sign of a wet basement. Water has already seeped into the walls, causing damage.
    • We will check if there are any watermarks and damp spots on the floor or walls.
    • Water seeps through the walls and evaporates, causing a chalky white substance on the basement walls. This is also known as efflorescence, yet another sign that our experts will pick up in a wet basement.
    expert foundation insulation waterproofing services

    Why hire the professionals at Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington?

    Customers in Wilmington and neighboring areas have to protect the basement from water coming from outside. Our professionals can successfully execute interior and exterior waterproofing jobs, and the results are long-lasting every time.

    Benefits of our waterproofing services

    Exterior waterproofing is an effective procedure to block water from coming inside your basement or crawl space. The method will stop moisture as well and has several advantages:

    • It gives you more space to store various items
    • It creates a healthy and safe space you can use as children’s play areas or recreation rooms
    • It gives value to your property. If you intend to sell your house soon, exterior waterproofing of the basement increases your selling price.

    Our waterproofing methods

    Our knowledgeable technicians at Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington employ various excavating tools to find all the cracks for water to seep in. The techniques we use are many:

    • We dig around the outside foundation with backhoe/shovels
    • We wire-brush the cracks. We will inject them later.
    • We use a mastic layer of tar and plastic to seal the wall
    • We install drain tile that it’s encased in stone
    • We finish with re-grading with earth placed over the tiles and the stone

    Our interior waterproofing services are excellent

    With interior waterproofing, you will be able to control the moisture that has already seeped into the crawl space or basement walls. Unfortunately, water can cause a lot of damage to the foundation and walls.

    Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington’s types of interior waterproofing solutions

    Our expert technicians have the skills and tools to execute various types of interior waterproofing for customers in the Wilmington area. We will decide together with you which method works best with your waterproofing. Some of the solutions we have for you are listed down below:

    Sump pump

    We will install an efficient sump pump under your basement’s flooring. It will collect groundwater which won’t be able to reach the foundation anymore. Also, we make sure to divert the collected water away from your home.

    French drain

    We have the equipment and skills to build a French drain system around your house. The French drain refers to a trough filled with gravel that diverts water into perforated pipes. The system will empty the water away from your home.


    Our technicians can install a dehumidification system to keep the basement dry and block mold growth. The system also eliminates unpleasant odors and can be connected to the sump pump.

    Concrete coatings and sealers

    Concrete waterproofing coatings resemble cement and attach to the wall for superior protection against water damage. These sealers react with concrete or brick and create a waterproof surface that doesn't peel or flake.

    Basement wall treatments

    We’re able to supply specialized paints, coatings to waterproof concrete, plastic sheets, silicate-based concrete sealers, and waterproofing panels.

    Vapor barrier and wall treatments

    A vapor barrier consists of a metal/plastic foil that covers the wall’s insulation. After installing this vapor barrier, moisture won't pass through the insulation but remain inside the walls.

    Safewall waterproofing panels

    Panels make another reliable solution for basements with internal drainage systems. They will stop water from damaging the walls but won't stop it from reaching inside the basement.

    Call us for a free no-obligation quote

    At Basement Waterproofing Wilmington, we will happily help you find the foundation, basement or crawl space waterproofing solution that's right for you. Call us to learn more and plan your first appointment.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproofing Services

    Should you consider hire professionals for waterproofing the basement?
    Basement waterproofing is a critical home repair. The extend of work to be done, the size of the basement, and the complexity of the structure impact the final cost for professional waterproofing services. Professionals strongly recommend calling them for waterproofing services as soon as dampness is noticed.

    What’s the best way to select the waterproofing contractor for the basement?
    If you want to hire professionals for waterproofing work, you should look for companies with experience, regular training, and expertise. Reliable companies like ours use high-quality basement waterproofing products and the newest methods. One of our teams comes and inspects your basement to provide you with a quotation for the job.

    Is basement waterproofing expensive?
    You can pay from $3 to $10 per square foot. If the project is simple, you can expect to pay around $600, whereas a complex project can get as pricey as $10,000. Your basement’s size, the complexity of the job, and the methods required for waterproofing affect the final price.

    How much will it cost you to waterproof the basement from the outside?
    Exterior basement waterproofing with a coating or membrane costs from $3 to $6 per foot, materials and labor costs included. The sheet membrane stops the water from getting through the basement walls, and the method is one of the most efficient waterproofing procedures.

    Can you stop water from penetrating the concrete floor in the basement?
    You need to seal the basement floor to block water from getting through the floor. A deep seal with an efficient concrete sealant is recommended. High-quality products ensure permanent waterproofing results for concrete slabs because they stop capillary water seepage due to wicking water or hydrostatic pressure.

    How can you test the basement for dampness?
    You begin with taping a one-foot square sheet of aluminum foil to the concrete wall in your basement. Use duct tape and check out the outside of the foil after a couple of minutes. After you peel the foil away from the wall, check out the inside of the foil. If you notice moisture on the foil and darkened concrete underneath, you should contact the professionals because your basement has moisture issues.

    Does concrete absorb moisture?
    Concrete is a porous material. Even if the moisture close to the surface evaporates, moisture below the concrete or within it travels through the concrete capillaries and escapes through less resistant paths.

    Why does water leak into the basement?
    Many factors can cause water to seep into the basement. Heavy rain saturates the soil, leads to hydrostatic pressure and pushes moisture through the basement’s floors and walls. When the soil around the basement is loose, it absorbs more water and generates sideways pressure when expanded. The pressure is the primary cause of water leakage in the basement. A clogged drain or improperly installed window well can fill with water and produce leaks.

    How does rainwater manage to get into the basement?
    Rainwater can end up in many ways in your basement. In case of heavy snow or rain, the soil surrounding the basement gets saturated with moisture and makes the water penetrate the walls and floors of your basement.

    Typically, water penetrates the basement through cracks in the walls, floors, block’s mortar joints, and where concrete wall touches the floor.

    Is there a perfect method to waterproof the basement?
    Professionals agree that waterproofing the basement from the outside gives the best results in time. They use polymers and membranes to protect the exterior of the basement’s walls. Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington makes a trench drain underground and uses both waterproofing methods if need be. Our workmanship is excellent, and our results last for decades.

    Is exterior waterproofing more efficient than interior waterproofing?
    Exterior waterproofing leads to longer-lasting results than interior waterproofing. Interior sealing techniques create a surface-level solution, and they don’t manage the cause of the water seepage. With interior waterproofing, water doesn’t come through floors, but it doesn’t stop it from ruining the walls from inside.

    With exterior waterproofing services from Basement Waterproofing Wilmington, the basement will stay dry and cool for many years.

    What’s the best way to insulate a crawl space?
    New building codes require un-vented crawl spaces. Walls in crawl spaces are insulated if the area isn’t vented and the floor above is un-insulated. At Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington, we waterproof the walls from the interior and the exterior too. Internal waterproofing is the most effective method if you want the insulation to act as a radon and vapor barrier at the same time. We can come and insulate the ceiling and floors in the crawl space. Not many crawl spaces need insulation of the walls.

    How do we waterproof the basement from the inside?
    With interior waterproofing of the basement, you no longer have to go through the hassle of exterior excavation. Our technicians at Basement Waterproofing Wilmington have the skills, tools, and experience to waterproof the basement from the inside. We install interior drain tiles and divert water away from the basement. We can also install a sump pump to collect excess moisture in the basement and repair interior cracks. For long-lasting results, we seal the cracks with high-quality sealants. We put concrete waterproofing coatings and silicate-based concrete sealers on unpainted walls.

    Does the sealing of the basement floor decrease radon?
    Our technicians can seal the basement floor to reduce radon from getting inside the house. We use thick epoxy coatings and seal all cracks for the most impressive results.

    Is it necessary to install a dehumidifier in the crawl space?
    Dehumidifiers are highly effective at controlling the HVAC’s operation. Our technicians install dehumidifiers to work with the basement’s waterproofing system to reduce the humidity level and mold growth. Our professionals can come and install a high-tech dehumidifier to monitor the fluctuating moisture levels. Mold growth, allergens, and beam rot are common effects of excess dampness in a basement or crawl space.

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