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If you live in Wisconsin, rainfall and heavy snow no longer surprise you. If you're also a homeowner, you know that you have to make sure that your basement doesn't become flooded and your wall doesn't get damp. A damp basement leads to more severe problems that will be pretty expensive to fix.

The Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing company will manage basement waterproofing in various ways. We carry the experience, skills, and tools to decide which method works best for your basement and crawl spaces. Our waterproofing results last for many years, and our work is flawless.

Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing offers services at highest standards

Heavy rain, melting snow, and frozen pipes are some of the problems people living in Wisconsin deal with. If you notice water on the basement floor, the drainage system isn't working correctly, so you need to manage it.

Our technicians at Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington have waterproofed many crawl spaces and basements for customers in the Wilmington area. Our clients speak highly of our work and results and recommend us to friends and families for similar jobs. We care deeply for our customers and make sure that they understand how important it is to waterproof the basement and crawl space in a home.

We use the most effective methods and products to make the basement and crawl usable spaces again. Our team is an expert in waterproofing basements and crawl spaces, does structural repairs, and encapsulation jobs.

Our waterproofing procedures are 100% efficient for crawl spaces, slabs, and foundations made of brick, poured concrete, block, red clay tile, stone. Our professionals are training on a regular basis and learn about the industry’s latest improvements. They have the tools and knowledge to repair seepage through window wells, basement seepage, foundation wall cracks, tie rods, porous concrete, and masonry walls. We will solve floor leaks of all causes—whether the water comes through the cove joint or floor cracks.

Hiring Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington has many benefits

Our professionals are committed and will do everything within their power to achieve the highest standards with their waterproofing results and work. When you hire our technicians, you will have many benefits:

We are dependable and experienced

We are always ready to take on a new project so call us to plan your first meeting. We complete the job on time and stay within your budget as well. Our quotes are precise, and our prices are affordable.

We solve many types of problems

We are knowledgeable and skilled in using various methods to waterproof the interior and exterior of your basement. We know that there's no such thing one-size-fits-all waterproofing method.

Unique customer service

We value both the results and our customers' experience, and we make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us. Waterproofing the basement and crawl space can affect your daily activities, but we will do our best to make the experience as stress-free as we can. We have the most profound respect and care for you and your property and do whatever we can to have minimal intrusion with our methods.

We offer exterior waterproofing services

Hire the Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing team for exterior waterproofing services if you want to solve dampness for many tears. The advantages are many:

  • You create safe storage space and healthy living areas
  • Your children can use the spaces for playing and recreation
  • You increase your property’s selling price

Our professionals at Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington are experienced and can identify the most effective procedures to exterior waterproof your basement. They can come, examine it and select the most efficient methods and supplies.

Interior waterproofing services

If moisture has already penetrated the walls of the crawl space or basement, you need to hire us for interior waterproofing services as well. The  Basement Waterproofing Wilmington technicians use the methods with the best results. Some of the techniques they use are:

  • Build a French drain
  • Install a sump pump
  • Use coatings and sealers for concrete surfaces
  • Install vapor barriers
  • Set up safe wall waterproofing panels
  • Apply basement wall treatments

The Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing team is detail-oriented

We have many years of experience and learned many facts about waterproofing basements and crawl spaces. We are skilled and able to use the most innovative methods and supplies. We can modify the procedures to your requests and budget and your basement's specifications. We can complete many tasks, and some of the most common would be:

  • Run a test humidity level of the crawl space or basement
  • Inspect the pump, valve, and discharge line
  • Check out the dehumidifiers (if any)
  • Examine the outside of your property to discover the entry points of water. We check out the window wells and rain liters.
  • Inspect the walls and floors for structural damage or cracks
  • Select the most appropriate methods, supplies, and protocols for your crawl space and basement

Call us for a free no-obligation quote

At Waterproofing Services Wilmington, our team says “yes” to all projects, regardless of the size and complexity of the space. Call us and learn more about our supplies, methods, and work. One of our representatives is happy to help you with the information and quote for the job.

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