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Crawl Space Waterproofing

It's charming to sit back in a chair and enjoy the beautiful view in your garden. It's also quite difficult to relax when you have so many things on your mind. As a homeowner, you always need to take care of something around the house. Whether it’s cleaning the gutters or managing the mold in your basement, being a homeowner means you have a busy schedule almost all the time.

If you live in Wilmington, you regularly have to see if moisture hasn’t seeped through the walls in the basement or crawl space. A wet crawl space poses risks for health problems and presents high exposure to insects, radon, and methane.

Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing offers crawl space waterproofing services in Wilmington, Delaware and its surrounding areas. Our professionals are skilled and use the newest and most effective procedures to waterproof crawl spaces of all types and sizes.

High quality crawl space waterproofing from Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing

You need to hire professionals if you suspect that crawl spaces in your home have developed moisture. Our technicians will block the polluted airflow from crawl spaces and waterproof the crawl space. You will be able to eliminate the risk for health problems caused by a wet crawl space once we are done with waterproofing.

Warning signs that your crawl space requires waterproofing

If you’re a responsible homeowner, you will check the crawl space twice a year (spring and fall); you need to catch any issues in their early stages. Some specific signs should make you contact Foundation Waterproofing Foundation for waterproofing services:

  • Standing water
  • Musty smell
  • Rotting wood
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Poor air quality inside the house
  • Peeling paint on home’s exterior
  • Insect or rodent infestation
  • Rusty piped or ductwork
  • While deposits on the wall inside the crawl space
crawl space waterproofing wilmington crawl space moisture removal service

Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington’s waterproofing has many benefits

We know that we’re not the only company offering crawl space waterproofing services in the Wilmington area. However, our skills and experience are some of our strengths; we also use the newest and most efficient supplies and methods for crawl space waterproofing. You will enjoy many advantages when you hire our technicians at Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing:

Control the temperature

High humidity in the crawl space will affect the temperature throughout the house; it can either get too hot or too cold. You will try to adjust the temperature and run the AC/furnace all the time, which increases your utility bill.

After our team at Basement Waterproofing Wilmington dries and cools the crawl space, the temperature inside the house will no longer be affected by the crawl space’s condition. Your utility bills will go back to normal.

Improve indoor air quality

It can come as a surprise to you, but 50% of the air in a crawl space can travel into your living area. Fumy, dump, and moldy air decrease the indoor air's quality, and you experience headaches, respiratory issues, and allergy symptoms.

Decrease the risk of electrical hazards

If you have wiring through the crawl space, water may lead to rusted wires, electrical shorts, and even fires. Once our team protects the electrical system from moisture, the risk of electrocution and fire will decrease, and your family will be safe.

Preserve ductwork and plumbing

It's common for sewer lines, water pipes, and air ducts to go through the crawl spaces because this placement eases maintenance work. If the humidity in the crawl space is very high, the risk of corrosion and rust is also high. It's only a matter of time until ductwork will fail and pipes will burst. Once the crawl space is waterproof, the air ducts and plumbing will last for a longer time.

Protect your stored belongings

Many people use the crawl space as storage space. When the crawl space is damp, water and mold growth can ruin the belongings forever. Our professionals at Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington waterproof the crawl space so stored items stay dry and intact.

Maintain the house’s structural integrity

Excess moisture can rot the wood and metal and ruin drywall, while termites and mold will grow and destroy the home’s structure. Damp crawl space can also damage the floor joists.

Our technicians at Wilmington Basement Waterproofing will add a vapor barrier to the crawl space, so moisture doesn't get inside anymore. It's a method that protects against the wood rod, mold growth, and termite infestation.

Increase your home’s value

You will be able to improve air quality, overall comfort, reduce the risk of mold growth and structural damage when you hire Basement Waterproofing technicians. Your house's value increases, and you will be able to sell it for more than before the waterproofing services.

How does the Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington team waterproof your crawl space?

Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing offers a wide variety of vapor barriers to match different types of crawl spaces and budgets. We can install vapor barriers for dirt basements with uneven floors and walls, basements, and basements with unmovable objects.

Our technicians have many years of experience and employ the most effective waterproofing equipment. We are capable of modifying our supplies, tools, and procedures to your crawl space's specification and take the following steps when waterproofing a crawl space:

professional crawls space waterproofing specialist

Crawl space perimeter drain

The perimeter drainage system will collect and divert water away from the dirt floors, crawl space, walls, and foundation. It will take it to the sump pump through the pipes surrounding the perimeter.

Our technicians at Foundation Waterproofing Wilmington install an internal drainage system to collect the water where it comes in and lower the risk of clogging from soil and roots. Our team installs systems with filter fabric with holes on the front and top to take the groundwater.

Membrane for crawl space

We can use a waterproof membrane/vapor barrier to waterproof the crawl space. It’s a plastic sheet that stops pests, moisture, and outside air. We place the vapor barrier all over the crawl space floor and up the walls. It’s efficient because it works with the drainage mats, insulation, and vent covers.

Sump pump

Our technicians at Wilmington Basemen Waterproofing can install a sump pump to solve water penetration in your house.

Flood alert systems

Some lids come with a water-sensitive alarm that informs when the water has reached the top of the lid. The feature is beneficial and prevents critical water damage.

Vapor barrier

When the area is airtight, the vapor barrier for crawl space encapsulation is highly efficient. Various sump pumps feature a lid that ensures an airtight fit. If the membrane bunches, the water pools and doesn't drain out anymore, leading to critical damage.


After our team at Basement Waterproofing Wilmington insulates and encapsulates the crawl space, we will install a dehumidifier. Even a small and powerful model can eliminate 90 pints of water. Most crawl spaces are cold, so choose a dehumidifier that operates in low temperatures. We will know which model works best for your crawl space.

The process at a glance

Our team uses a polyethylene barrier to encapsulate the space; it will cover the dirt floor and run up the wall. We will seal the barrier and place an industrial-grade dehumidifier to adjust the humidity level. Since air exchange is also critical, our technicians will use systems to draw moisture from under the encapsulated area.

Interior & exterior crawl space waterproofing services

At Basement Waterproofing Wilmington, we are experts in interior and exterior crawl space waterproofing. We are skilled and knowledgeable in making exterior waterproofing. We can excavate the dirt around the basement's perimeter, install a high-tech moisture barrier and a dimple board. This way, we can divert water away from the basement's walls.

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Our technicians at Wilmington Foundation Waterproofing have the skills, supplies, and tools to impress with their work. Call us to find out more details about our work and methods from one of our team members. He/she will also provide you with a quote for the job.

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